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Pending free bets

Hi guys,

currently I have 2 pending freebets with the same conditions (amount/market/value/required odds). It would be awesome if you could unite those freebets what would mean betting with the double amount would occur clearing the 2 bets at the same time.

Also would be awesome marking the possible markets somehow(or just maybe with a filter) which are eligible to clear the pending freebets. Thanks.

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Why not just do same bet twice? 

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@LivertoolI'm afraid due to the same ending time system wouldn't handle it as 2 separate bets. I also presume they are standing in queue so I couldn't clear them at once. Btw this was a good suggestion.Thumbs Up

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Any comment to this guys?

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Hi @psrquack
Were the 2 Free Bets deriving from the same promotion? Combining them is not technically possible though. What a merge would require is an agent or myself to separately delete the 2 bets and re add you a whole new one in which we set the same parameters. That's not a service that we offer, however personally I'm happy to do it if you win 2 Free Bets within a Community promotion for example.

The development suggestions are not that easy though. The rules and eligible matches or sports are mentioned on the Free Bet to the best of my knowledge isn't it so?



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Thanks for your assistance @Ray-Unibet .

There were handball freebets(bet 10 get €6 in bet) and I presume there were from the same promotion, because they followed each other step by step and the common set was only 24 hours long active.

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Happy to help @psrquack, although I didn't do too much. 
The system is not able to merge Free Bets to start with, it's more of a "bet and get" as you mention, regardless of recurrence. This means that even though they might occur daily, and within the same parameters od betting, they are budgeted separately.