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I think it would be nice to know which country the community members live in.
Therefore I suggest that a flag or countryname in plain text could appear when we click on the avatars Smile
Is that possible or is it any policy problems or anything else that matters?

What`s your opinion about this? Please let me know!  Cool

Rank 25

I like the idea Smile

Rank 21


I like the idea too Smile

Rank 14


I like the idea three Smile

Rank 21

My opinion - it's a good idea to display the flag or country name, as long as it is turned off by default and users can turn it on, if they wish to do so Smile 

Rank 17

I lke the idea but I also agree with @Ametrine, it should be optional.


Rank 18

Think so too Smile

Rank 18

What do our mods think?  Could this be something to consider?  In Love   Wink

Rank 24

Actually had this in the initial requirements, so it's certainly something I'll consider Smile

Let's see if we can reach 15-20 likes, and I'll try and include it in one of the next releases Smile

Rank 18

Good to hear! Smile

Come on, you likers!!!   Rockon  Thumbs Up

Rank 19

I often wonder where people are from so I like the idea, but I also agree that it should be optional. Smile

Rank 15

I like the idea.  +1

Rank 18

Maybe I should lead by example in this thread.

Feel free to follow!    Smile



Rank 17

Same as above Cool

Rank 18


Sweden: 2   Rest of the world: 0 so far....   Very Happy

Rank 21

Hah, not bad idea. As optional feature of course. 2-1 Laugh


Rank 18
Rank 18

2-1-1  Sweden in front of rest of the world Very Happy

Rank 20
Rank 11
Rank 21

Count again, Camilio Very Happy


Rank 18

Sweden     2
Suomi        1

Bulgaria    1
Romania    1

Sweden is still dominating the Unibet Community  Smile


Rank 18

Great Britain!!!!!   1    (forgot)  (sorry)    Smile

Rank 25

Sorry @Camilio, but @ReCorpH is the joker, so Finland rules the world./kappa

Rank 19



 Is good idea 🐶


Rank 23

220px-Suomen_lippu_valokuva.pnglet`s tie the game Smile