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I think it would be nice to know which country the community members live in.
Therefore I suggest that a flag or countryname in plain text could appear when we click on the avatars Smile
Is that possible or is it any policy problems or anything else that matters?

What`s your opinion about this? Please let me know!  Cool

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+1 - I like this idea also Smile

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Agree with @Ametrine  Ok

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I agree with @Valkyrie... Also always wonder
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Status changed to: Investigating

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Next week I'll investigate how we can do this.

ideally I think it'd be something you could select in your profile settings by selecting your nationality from a drop-down menu Smile

Think the flag should be shown to the left of the community alias.

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No news on our flags @BonusPater ? 

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Saw this now. Very good  idea! 🇸🇪

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i also like the ideea!

banner ro.jpg

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I alsp looked for a flag for my avatar, poker is a serious game and some of the avatars are quite childish

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I'm in representing Hellmuthistan!


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bad idea, becouse will be only Scandinavian flags, Romania and Great Britain. the rest will be very fewRofl

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Me think easy just to look att my avatar Wink

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Not too bad actually. 

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This is quite similar to PokerStars and most other poker platforms to include this type of data. I’m good with the idea. 


This is the first site I’ve seen with such an awesome community of players. Very humble in my opinion. It would be nice to also have a buddy list built in within the platform that can only be accessed from a lobby mode and not table mode so as to quash any cheating. Simply to catch up or drop messages to your buddies. In playing online having the ability to make friends within the global community of players would be nice. 

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totally aggreee! it would be nice! but could give some "additional info" which is not the best thing that unibet want ( aliases also could not cover that )


I agree @4soul, this has to remain a matter of choice, however if people wish to socialize in this way, there is always the avatar that can be changed into a flag. Just an idea.

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I just want to comment on @Shoryureppa's suggestion for a buddy list. Unibet used to have that in the past. However, the only buddies you would add were bad players to see when they were online. Just saying Smile I like the social aspect of it, but the predatory nature of pokerplayers will turn this into a tool to track bad players at the table.

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I like this idea 😀👍

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 I like the idea.  +1