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Nanotickets with bonuspoints

So, probably due to the reason that bonuspoints gotten from here can't be transferred nor testamented for the grandchildren, not everybody cares to hoard those for a long periods of time. What's more common though, is that there must be tons of unused, pointless, below 100 BP-accounts lying everywhere without any possibility to be used thoroughly. At the very same time when there's tons of games that has buy-ins ranging from 0.01€ to 0.65€.
Makes sense, right?

Not too sure if it's some sort of tactical business plan, or just simply a matter of development resources or something, but would it be technically possible to add few new ticket-categories into the Store for nanotournaments below 1€ or 100BPs?
For example, different tix category for 0.01€UO/UK centrolls and up, different tix for some of the normal nanoMTTs, 1 cent flips etc., so the extra BPs could all be used.

Sure, there're are probably way too many of those games with different buy-ins to be added separately in a form of tickets, so how about somekinds of "jokertickets" for few pre-set maximum value, with what you could buy in to any game below that maximum value? Like <0.01€, <0.10€, <0.25€, <0.50€ and <0.75€?
Of course, the remaining leftover cents returning to the accounts, like with cash game tix.
Or for the profit of Unibet, whatever.

It's kinda hard to think how increased amount of activity and players at games would be a bad thing. Not much of an increase, but still.
+1 in the amount of played games for people - better overall playing experience.
Besides that, it's just simply annoying to see perfectly good points gone waste. Doesn't really matter to WHERE they can be used, as long as they CAN be used, aye? Smile


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Or maybe they could add (or convert) a small added money tournament where you can buyin for lets say 5 or 10 bonus boints, instead of making it a centroll. Incentivises people to play some small buyin games to get those bonus points to be able to play this daily or weekly added money "freeroll". What do you think @Leo-Unibet ?

That should be far less work than adding a ton of new different tickets (and the clutter that comes with them) or the development issue of making a completely new type of ticket system. 

Later Edit: I just realized that maybe buying in with bonus points might not be possible currently, idk. 

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Very good idea

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What to say about such a 'fraction' value ?

bp.pngFraction wasted now!

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Another "way/option" is to provide FLIP tournaments with BP buy-in or even some kind of freerolls which paid BP instead of tickets!

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GIVEAWAY: I should paid as much as 2c for missing 1BP. Your offers per private message, please!

Unibet Poker Expert

Added a 20 cent ticket to the shop, but there's a display issue, as it doesn't show the value with a decimal. Might remove it soon, but I don't see an issue in having two of these in the shop (20 and 50 cent?), once it's working.

BS nano ticket display issue.PNG

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@Stubbe-Unibet  hey dude, I wanna such piece of balance ! Tickiet please Very Happy

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And all the ducks went straight away to spend all their points in hope of big fish 1€mtt Very Happy


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Exellence! That 0.20€ tix is actually pretty cool solution, because it gives the access to all of the UO/UK/Generic qualifiersThumbs Up
The NMPfans tournament-model would be more than great too in the future, but for now this was one hell of an improvement to the lists. Good job, man Cool
I'd like to propose for a Lightning Fix -badge to be created and given for @Stubbe-Unibet , coz the Quick Fix -badge is just not enough Laugh

What comes to games, payouts seems to be working too Laugh


Although the pond was tough with all the quackers around Cheeky


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Yeah, i expected this happen earliest maybe 2025 so wd stubbe Thumbs Up Quick fixes indeed nowadays Smile

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@Stubbe-Unibet  nice BP balance.  I'm jealous Smile

- 0.2 or 0.25  qualifer and nano mtts and maybe 0.4 (hard to say, we have 0.4Q, 0.55nanos, 0.65nanos) :/

But 0.2 is ok now,  i had 20BP left Smile


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Thanks guys. Nice to have some positive feedback once in a while Very Happy

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@Stubbe-Unibet  any chance for kind of "flipament" tournament/mini-games where you can waste/won some fractional parts ? ... all cases when you have balance not dividable by 20 points ?

Unibet Poker Expert

@MadAdo, for now, no. We need the display issue solved, before we can add more tickets with a value less than € 1. Using bonus points as buyin to tournaments will require a lot of development hours.