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Multi day MTT for people that like deepstack and going to bed at a sensible time

Would a multi day MTT work for people that want a deepstack tournament but also need to go bed at a certain time?

something like 7pm to 11pm Day1s then either carrying on through the following days or only resuming on the same day the following week.


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@jonny2192  This will be a quite late reply, sorry for that, it somehow slipped through. We're doing that occasionally for big UOS-tournaments, i'm not sure it would work on daily tournamemts, if they would be so popular. I will see if we can do I try, it wont happend before UOS though. If we would do one a week, what day would you prefer as start day? 

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Weekends are pretty full of everything else for people, so would guess monday, tuesday or thursday..?

Just to open up suggestions.

Would like those days, tho. Somewhere around double trouble or betting freeroll times.

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I second @Rushbie