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Multi day MTT for people that like deepstack and going to bed at a sensible time

Would a multi day MTT work for people that want a deepstack tournament but also need to go bed at a certain time?

something like 7pm to 11pm Day1s then either carrying on through the following days or only resuming on the same day the following week.


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I think that it's pretty good idea! 

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Rank 23

Would love a multiday

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Don't know what this "need for going to bed at a certain time" is anymore, but breaking long tournaments into several, shorter playing periods would be more than awesome HappyThumbs Up

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should be pretty easy to setup, with the mistakes in certain mtts we have seen one hour breaks. so should just be a matter of adding a 21 hour break every 4 hours of play or a lot more hours if you want to do it weekly.

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Hmm, yea good point!
@Leo-Unibet, plz make this happen 2018 Laugh

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I like the idea!

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@Marco-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet Could you pass this on to poker team, some kind of feedback would be nice Smile

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@jonny2192 @JRE @Rushbie  @MoreTBC @Nestabear

I've defenitely thought about it, and it will defenitely happend, can't promise when, so many things that would be cool to do..... thanks for passing the idea, more to come.  



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I love this idea, with being back at Uni I'm playing shorter sessions in between work which usually means playing cash or SnGs but I have a deep love of MTTS, something in the 3-5 hour range in evenings does seem great.

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This worked great for the UOS, maybe just have in the tournament title 2day event, so people stop complaining (it is a legitimate reason to complain tho since it's not immediately obvious what type of tournament it is). Maybe we could have something like a pretty slow 25 R/A 2 day regular event, a couple of days a week or more, structure similar to the UOS main events, but with a bit less rebuy period maybe since lategame the rebuys were super tiny in BB's


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i like it!  In Love

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@jonny2192  Time to answer this one Smile phase tournaments are great, development time is limited

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@Leo-Unibet  no devolpment needed just add a long break Smile

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jonny2192 wrote... Rank 23

@Leo-Unibet  no development needed just add a long break Smile



@Leo-Unibet isn't this possible @ all,  just lengthening one of the breaks to 24 hours should be possible & not to difficult to implement.

I would really love to have something like this in the lobby on a Saturday night, knowing that if I run deep, it will continue the next Sunday night. 

Another suggestion I've got is to have a Tourney that runs once a week on a weekend night (Sat or Sun), same as a 24-hour break, but just a 7-day break.

For example:- You buy into the One Month Monster Marathon Tourney ( 3 buy-in levels Nano - Low & High) on a Saturday night. You end up doing well & after 2 or so hours of play the Tourney goes on a 7-day break & the next weekend the tourney resumes at the same time. If you do well, then you get to play the 2nd & 3rd weekend & finally the final day & final table. 

I'm sure there plenty of Community Members that would participate if given the chance... maybe set it up as a Community Challenge event where you have to play with your Community Alias for extra bonuses ?

What do you think Gals & Guys ?

@pinki @AdrianN_MP @mjeg1410 @jonny2192 @Livertool @AndreiBN @4soul @Purps @GothMoth @CharismaMan  @SCOBY @YlarP @WuDu @GN1991 @dynamo @Merenitsu @FreedoM @MadAdo @marius0928 

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Sounds like fun, But I doubt we will have many players that are willing to bound up to something that goes on for four weeks.
Of course I can do a try, create one test tournament to see what the intrest are. How many of you guys
@pinki @NMPfan @mjeg1410 @jonny2192 @Livertool @AndreiBN @4soul @Purps @GothMoth @CharismaMan  @SCOBY @YlarP @WuDu @GN1991 @dynamo @Merenitsu @FreedoM @MadAdo @marius0928 
would be intrested in a marathon tournamemt like this ? 

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4 weeks commitment sounds like something that should be arranged at winter, but 1week testrun wouldn't be that bad. (weekend to weekend, 2 days total)
But some consecutive 2- or even 3days tournament that are all starting at the same time as the LVSS tourneys are now, about 18.00CET, that only lasts up to max 3-4hours/day would be really cool to try Very HappyThumbs Up

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1 tournament that goes on for a month and has multiple needless 7 day breaks? Yeah no thank you. There is value to be had of course, in all the equity relinquished by people not being able to play the next stage or just forgetting about it, but still, too much commitment. 

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Not really my thing. Fast in fast out is my game Very Happy Unless pricepool would be high enough to make it interesting but that would require either really high number of players (don't see that happening atm at unibet) or high buy in (which would probly mean low number of players and no point of playing marathon with just few ducks)

But i could try it just for fun if you set it up with very low buy in and attract peeps to play with something spectacular (like few uo packages from your top drawer) so it would make sense to play so long Smile

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we can try. But for me saturdays are too risky ...  fishing season, I start minimum 24-48h marathons at the lake from FRI-SUN Smile

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I would try that !!!

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The original idea is good, the 2 days tourney works well during the UOS. Make more In Love

But to have it for months... It would mean, if you run good, you have no social life for 4-5-6 weekends? I dont think many people would enter anyways, its just not appealing. 

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I'm like @Livertool, I prefer my poker tournaments to be fast, meaningless, without any committment and with as many random people as possible! Laugh Don't you guys have stuff to do???

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Ok... admittedly a month is a bit long, but a 2-day is doable right ?

2 days is still considered a marathon for poker 
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2-days tournament isn't bad if buy-in 10+ euros. But I don't like slow structure. I like turbo tournament with a short late reg.