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Multi day MTT for people that like deepstack and going to bed at a sensible time

Would a multi day MTT work for people that want a deepstack tournament but also need to go bed at a certain time?

something like 7pm to 11pm Day1s then either carrying on through the following days or only resuming on the same day the following week.


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I think that it's pretty good idea! 

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Would love a multiday

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Don't know what this "need for going to bed at a certain time" is anymore, but breaking long tournaments into several, shorter playing periods would be more than awesome HappyThumbs Up

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should be pretty easy to setup, with the mistakes in certain mtts we have seen one hour breaks. so should just be a matter of adding a 21 hour break every 4 hours of play or a lot more hours if you want to do it weekly.

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Hmm, yea good point!
@Leo-Unibet, plz make this happen 2018 Laugh

JRE Rank 10
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I like the idea!

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@Marco-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet Could you pass this on to poker team, some kind of feedback would be nice Smile

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@jonny2192 @JRE @Rushbie  @MoreTBC @Nestabear

I've defenitely thought about it, and it will defenitely happend, can't promise when, so many things that would be cool to do..... thanks for passing the idea, more to come.  



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I love this idea, with being back at Uni I'm playing shorter sessions in between work which usually means playing cash or SnGs but I have a deep love of MTTS, something in the 3-5 hour range in evenings does seem great.

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would be so nice !