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More clear labelling in tournament lobby please.

As the UOS satellites have started, it seems the Unibet Uk Tour satellites have started at the same time and its confusing, can you please colour code them or make a option in the filter box please.

You currently have a unibet open filter but not 1 for uk tour.


Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for the suggestion @mugmaster200 Smile It's forwarded for reviewing. 


Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Declined

Declining this one, but it's not because I don't agree. We're going to do an overhaul of the filters this year, but I can't say exactly when it'll happen - won't be in time for this UOS though, that I can promise.

So, we will improve this later, it's just not something we can prioritize right now. 

In terms of filtering for just UK tour tournaments, I'd just put UK in the search bar.

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He was probably thinking of filtering out uk tournaments if someone isn't interested in a uk tournament, or a 200 pound live event, but maybe would be interested in other qualifiers like for the belgian/swedish/norwegian championship, or unibet open, or supernova. Or any other permutation of like/dislike. Could be something to consider for future filtering implementations but the unibet naming scheme isn't as clear cut as the stars one where you can easily pinpoint the thing you want to exclude (ept, appt, scoop whatever), filtering out the word uk might end up filtering out other uk related promos, filtering out UO might also remove stuff like the UOS. 

Having a way to favorite you preferred games might be a way around it without completely removing many things from view, where maybe you place at the top all the favorited stuff that starts today, and then all the rest that are today under it, and same for the next day and the next. Or idk, I guess there are many ways to go about it if there will be a complete overhaul of it. 

Unibet Poker Expert

Keyword exclusion is definitely on the table when we start working on this. We'll be asking for player feedback when we start discussing the requirements Smile