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Mobile client 'display issues'

I would like to point to 2 issues I observed so far during play with using of mobile client app.


1) I'm unable to see name (alias) for players sitting on the top-edge of the table, because they overcrossed with hand id ...

2) if I turn-on tournament info icon/tab, I'm completely unable to see chips count of the player sitting to my left so I need to hide info tab which is sometimes really embarasing ...

 + further issue from all kind of "Bounty" tournaments (Freerolls included). Whenever there is a bounty mark on the player, his alias name is not fully displayed as they both overcrossing each other ...

I'm using Lenovo Yoga 2 which has 10.1" inches display which is pretty enough I think.

Rank 22

Like this?
Agreed. The bounty is annoying, but i guess the infotab cannot be squeezed in a way it'd show the  player behind it..


Rank 18

I think that maybe using different colors (maybe pop-up) should solve this issue. But someone should have a look and try to solve it but different layering of affected objects - and, that's it! We wanna all be happy again :L-0

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Got the same issue than you for bounty tournament.. unfortunately I have no proposition to solve it 

Unibet Poker Expert


this has been reported already in another thread.

We are working on mobile optimization and will include your feedback in this as well.

Thanks for your input, it is very valuable!