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Minor FOLD everyone while on BB (Hold'em challenge)

@Stubbe-Unibet  I think that this one is quite "weird". I got it passed only when whole table in-front of me FOLD without any other action. Whenever I defend my BB and have everyone folded it just not count -> but have no idea why ??? Disappointed

Can you have a look on it, please -> it could took you for ageas if no-all-players on your table willing to just auto-fold and give you a walk ...

Thought one ?! :-)Thought one ?! :-)

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I don't think they should correct it. Fold to you means no action in the hand. What you are suggesting should be defend your blind preflop or so.

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To complete this challenge you need everyone to fold, including SB. So no action at all!

Its not an easy challenge, because there are a lots of limpers (and in case you are one of them, noone will give you the free chips). However, you can discard the challenge when you dont like it.   

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It's usually quite easy for me @MadAdo Just wait to be dealt AA or KK in the bb then everyone will fold. Teardrop

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Just open a bunch of new tables so it'll be 3-way game, and it's done in no time Smirk

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Screenshot (438).png

Best of both worlds, shorthanded table and AA in the big blind. Rofl  Simples.

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Theory proven.
You know how they say, if you observe it, it never comes, or smth ?
Best way to get premiums, is to go to the toilet or to the refridgerator, guaranteed aces at least if you look back the replayer GeekThumbs Up