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Medium priced Gargle Blaster MTT, Poker

Do not know where to pitch this in to Unibet, so I am throwing it out here.

I like the structure of the Gargle Blaster MTTs, and have played it alot. Also very covenient starting time for me. Do not know how popular this MTT is compared to others though, and I guess thats the most important factor as to wether it is worth while to try it.

Would it be possible to have a 2,5 €  buy-in Gargle Blaster tournament starting at the same time?

The buyin would fit nicely between 0,25 and 25€.

If there is an MTT with similar structure I am not aware of, please let me know.

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@Leo-Unibet one for you Smile

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hello @Viking74  Thanks for sharing your thouights. We have another quite popular €2 tournament starting at the same time where players use their tickets to participate.
We don't run any qualifiers to €2,5 tournaments. we run tournaments at €1 €2 €5 €10 and up. If you have the possiblility to play at daytime, we're running a €10 Gargle Blaster at 14:00 CET.  

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@Leo-Unibet i disagree, range bettwen 1-2€ is pretty dead in  rush hours - these gtd € 50-100 at stakes of € 1-2 are not tempting on Singularity and Zenith

I'd like to see copied nano schedule for 1-2 €

some of my selfish thoughts:

1. Prostar bounty 1€, Falling Sky 2€(with re-entry)

2. Micro versions of: Deep Impact(2€), Dwarf Star(1-2€), Deep Space(1-2€), Gargle or increase the buy-in for some nano ie.  Ice Giant, Galaxy

3. In the case of a € 1-2 bounty, they should have at least 1 re-entry - there is no need to apply the same rules here as for higher stakes.

4. @Andy-Unibet and ofcourse some night flips to 1-2€ MTT tickets on 0.2-0.4€ - visible from 21cet and disappearing from the morning schedule (prevent a mess in the schedule). I really would love to register up to 20 night flips at these stakes before going to sleep. I'm sure even the higher stakes players would spend the € 2-4 on a little gamble. I think these flips would generate more tickets than the largest standard satellite on 0.2-0.4€

- or maybe some flips with multiple tickets 2x1MTT for each paid place

- maybe some 6seats versions - to think about it Smile

ps. I am aware that these stakes are not a priority for the site, but I think more players winning there could contribute to €5+ tournaments. I don't know the statistics how many players with € 1 falling sky play tournaments e.g. €5-10 (I'm guessing that there are not many) or how many of them run off to sng/cash games beacuse they have nothing to playWonder