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Make sportsbook betting list easy to follow

This have been bugging me for a very long time.As i spend a lot of time on Unibet,betting live most of the time,it's been so annyoing not having  a list of live bets (just an example) to make sense.

You should find a way to sort them somehow,either by the time when they started,or by tournaments/football leagues/whatever importance so i don't scroll all over the site to find my selection.

Even now ,in live football,the first match started 70 minutes ago,the next on 10 minutes ago and so on...and they are from different leagues all mixed together.

And also after i place a bet,sometimes my selection goes into the second place of the list,sometimes on the last place ,sometimes in the middle..just doesn't make any sense whatsoever at any time.

EDIT: Find the option to edit my post,but i wanted to put this into ideas and went in bug reports section like @MoreTBC's idea

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This is a very good for idea. I think a seperate tab with 'My live bets' would be super helpful. Usually when I bet on something it moves to the top but in the few instances that it doesnt, its super annoying digging through hundreds of matches to find it. Especially if the match is a critical stage where you might cashout.

jjh Rank 6
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I'm developing web site (http://www.sportwatchlive.com) to follow own bets, selection can be also played to Unibet. Still work under progress and I'd be delighted to get some feedback to make the service better! Works great also in mobile.

Currently user can create 1x2 wagers (and play those to Unibet by pressing Unibet logo, see pic), share a wager using link (f.ex My Football Wager 2018-02-03), create groups to compete against each others.