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Make similar buy-in Unibet Open sats start at same time in lobby


It's nice the Unibet Open sats run once an hour at peak times. 

But It would be nice if the sats that are close in buy in started at the same time. 

So for instance, I am about to play a 1 euro sat , and would like to two table with a 2 euro sat, but the 2 euro sat starts 25 minutes later. 


Would be nice if these started at the same time. Can't do this for the whole schedule of course or every game would start at same time but maybe phase them so , 

1 and 2 euro entries start same time

4 and 10 start same time

25 and 50 start same time 



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That's a good point, we try as much as possible to have each tournament running at simular times, sometimes it's doesn't work.
I like what you're saying and will have a look at it to see if we can adjust some.

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Is it possible adding a €2 UO qualifier in the morning @Leo-Unibet ? I think around 7.30 CET or 10.00 CET. I remember earlier was at least one type of this tourneys around the second time. It's a little annoying you won a ticket and can't use till 15.00 CET.

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@psrquack The schedule is  changing all the time and if this fits in i will see what I can do