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Main page: Latest Topics <See More> option

It would be great to have <See More> button in Latest Topics section. For example, you click it, and it expands to +10 more latest topics.


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Totally agree @Want2Believe it's hard work having to scroll your way through each section to see what you've missed, and even then missing some things.

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+1 supporter. Good idea @Want2Believe. I hope tech team can solve it.

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Good idea @Want2Believe

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Actually there was such a link before. When you clicked the "latest posts" -text, it directed the visitor to the recent posts -page. You might wanna bookmark that, altough it's not that difficult to remember Smirk. Can still be found here:

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Good to know! Thanks, M8 @Rushbie) It covers what I need. But I was talking about list of last new topics started. Community Forum is growing, and sometimes poor little new topics just getting lost in massive "tickiet" and "what's a pass?" spam Smile

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@Want2Believe I have no problem changing these components depending on how you guys feel it should be, it's your community after all - it's just a matter of what is appropiate and doesn't give too much scrolling when browsing on mobile - but you make very good points Smile

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Thanks for that link @Rushbie It's so much easier to click that, go to the last topic I read before bed and work my way backwards through them all.

Screenshot (1176).png

@Jeppe-Unibet This used to be under the main page on the community and made it so much easier not to miss any topics.

Now @Rushbie How do I keep that link so I don't have to come back to this page to click on it when I want to catch up? Or is that not possible?Wonder

Or can you have it re-instated @Jeppe-Unibet

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@GR1ZZL3R It was part of the front page before, but the problem was that the component kept breaking. At one point it would show all new threads with activity in them, but out of nowhere it would go down and only show a few or none at all. I'll see what I can do though.


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Thanks @Jeppe-Unibet I've just played a tourney and come back to this page to click on @Rushbie link and found it so much easier to catch up when all the previous posts from the last hour where on one page. Thumbs Up

I'm not technical but it would be nice and much easier if that link could be put on the main page.Geek

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@GR1ZZL3RJust click the link, and bookmark it from the empty star icon in the address bar, or just click the pages url address and drag it to the bookmark space below that Thumbs Up

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WOW @Rushbie You are the man! Worked like a charm.Thumbs UpGeek