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MTT lobby - Opening time for registration

Hey guys,

It's just a quick (and easy to fix idea), which I had because someone just posted about it.

But is it possible to put the exact moment of when registration opens on the main screen of the lobby of the tournament? It could perfectly right under "Registration closed" as seen on the screenshot.

I know it's on the top left as well, but that doesn't jump in the eye.



Rank 23

You're right it doesn't jump in the eye @VikingsAF I always seem to be searching for that info and not finding it . Thanks, and a good idea. Thumbs Up

Rank 8

that would be good. Whats up with the early registration for freerolls? To many sleepers on the tables limiting early stack building.. please switch back to 15 minutes and just work out the bugs for over registration


The early reg times are an error unfortunately guys @VikingsAF@BlueDeer@GR1ZZL3R.
As soon as the devs manage to fix it they shall go back to the old format, and cheers for the suggestion @VikingsAF, duly noted.

Rank 3

this error is now for days and the freerolls are always full. could you also bring back the 2 cent knockout bounty in those freerolls?

Rank 10

hopefully the early reg will be sorted soon, trying to do a BR challenge (and freerolls help with this) but every time i log in all the free games are already full Sad

Rank 21

@Ray-Unibet not complaining about the late reg at all Tongue Was just a plain old suggestion without any extra intentions