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Lucky loser slot tournament


Never been big fan of casino tournaments because you have to be very lucky or do lots of spins to make it to prices so how is this for idea. Basically like the tournament what you got already, where the best result in 20 spins a row win but other way around that lowest win would win first price? Ofc it would have to be more than 20 spins cause it is easier to get no wins at all than to win big, but lets just say that in 200 spins (guys with better mathhead can do the calculations) Anyways that is the tournament that i could win too Very Happy And it also would be nice to follow how little could some "win" in certain amount of spins. It would be also more fair than the biggest win tournaments because in those winner already wins big in actual game and wouldn´t necessarily need the first price.... 

Hopefully you can understand for anything what i was trying to say 

Rank 17

Sounds fun but I think it's illegal in some countries to advertise "Please lose money in our casino and you might win a prize".
But sure, in addition to the usual prizes they could add a jumbo prize for most unlucky player.

Rank 22


Isn´t that what they are doing now? Very Happy Not in those words but anyway.

And in Finland they can´t advertise at all, thank god for internet, otherwise we would just have to settle for our own, very bad, betting site.