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Livebet vs 36 hours rule

Hey all,

this post a suggestion to make customer service smoother in case the event was postponed (for example: tennis  match due to rain) and you placed a live bet on it.

-It would be great if you could make a cash out or make the bet void if the event was interrupted and Unibet closed the market. Currently this is not possible due to the 36 hours rule (as LC agent told me). I think livebets as their name says can't be divided from the running events and 6-8 hours or more delays are opposite of their unique of that style. I think in that case the best solution could be a decision opportunity to the livebet holder. Option one could be holding the bet till the event continous and option 2 is making a cash out or make the bet void (via LC or so) and seraching for a new betting option.

-Give all the information to the postponed live bet holder. Unfortunately there is currently no valid information on the homepage about the newly starting time of the event (LC agent stated that too) so the bet holder need to find all informations of the bet at his own. I think a mail form the betting team with the following message: Hey, don't worry, your event will continue at xxx you can find more information about the match here xxxx would be a nice gesture from Unibet.



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I think it is good idea, cash out should be optional when match has been delayed. Cant see why it isnt when you can cash out otherwise too.

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@BonusPater, @Jeppe-Unibet, @Marco-Unibet. What is your opinion guys?Very Happy

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@BonusPater, @Jeppe-Unibet, @Marco-Unibet Bump guys. Any answer are welcome.

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If the market is closed, we'll never be able to offer a cash-out, as the odds are needed for this. If the market is open, the cash-out should ideally be available. We can't let the customers choose if they want to void their bets - extremely bad business for us Smile

I agree that we should have more information available, when matches are postponed. Will speak to the sportsbook team Smile