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Live Casino Tip Jar


Tipping the dealers at a casino is a custom (in certain places and/or situations). I would like to have the possibility to also tip the dealers in the live casino.

I believe that the option would provide me a better experience when playing here: to be able to reward a good service from the dealers (helpful, kindness, ...) or show gratitude after a winning session.

The feature would be entirely optional ofcourse and maybe include the possibility to do it anonymously.

Kind regards

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Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @king-soloSmile

An awesome idea indeed and one that I know for sure that it was pitched before, (just spoke to the guys in casino). There are some security concerns rearding it but not grave ones. I've informed them over your interest as well now but I'm afraid that at this point I'm unable to confirm a timeframe for it as this feature is not even in the development pipeline yet. In any case, thank you for your interest and rest asured, your idea was delivered Smile