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Leaderboard for SNGs

My ideea reffers to a weekly ladderboard for SNGs 5 seats as follow:

- every  SNG  1st place is 67 points

-every SNG 2nd place is 33 points

This leaderboard points resets every morning Monday

The ideea  is to have 2 sections in each leaderboard as follow:

- LOW (5 attemps every week/player)- sngs from 1-20; 21-40; 41-60; 61-80 and 81-100. Best result from 20 consecutive SNGs will go into the leaderboard.

-HIGH (infinite attemps every week/player)- SNGs 1-100(total points from those 5 attemps for LOW); 101-200; 201-300 and so on. Best result from 100 consecutive SNGs will go into leaderboard.


Now lets see an example :

Player A plays on Monday 205 SNGs(I know it’s a large sample but its just for example)

- in SNGs from 1-20 he won 3 and finish 2nd in 2 of them . That means 3 x 67 + 2 x 33 = 267 points

- in SNGs from 21-40 he won 5 and finish 2nd on 2 of them. That means 401 points

-in SNGs from 41-60 he was unlucky and finish 2nd place in 3 of them. That means 99 points

- in SNGs from 61-80 upswing is on fire and he won 7 and no 2nd place. That means 469 points

- in SNGs from 81-100 he finish in 2nd on 4 of them. That means 132 points.

That’s all for LOW section(just 1st 5 attemps on every weeks count).

Since now Player A is in both leaderboard  sections : in LOW with 469 points and in HIGH with 1368 points(267+401+99+469+132).

In SNGs 101-200 he won 20 and finish 2nd in 10. That means 1670 points.

The rest 5 SNGs that he plays in Monday will complete another set of 100 if player plays at least 95 SNGs during current week.

After Monday he is in both leaderboard sections with 469 points in LOW and 1670 points in HIGH.


Now for leaderboard prizes I suggest top 10 on each section to be awarded.

Those leadeboards can be on each stake(1,2,4,10,25,50 and 100 euros) or combined stakes(1+2, 4+10, 25+50+100).

I let you decide the prizes. I suggest to have equal prizes in both sections, but different prizes depends on stackes.


For example on 1euro SNGs leaderboard:

  LOW                           HIGH

1st -30 €                      1st -30 €

2nd- 20 €                     2nd- 20 €

3rd -  15  €                   3rd-15 €

4to5- 10 €                  4to5- 10 €

6to10-5  €                  6to10-5 €

On 2euro SNGs leaderboard I suggest them to be higher(if in case 1euro and 2euro SNGs are in the same leaderboard)

Also, prizes can be cash bonuses , tickets or some freerolls for top 3 or so from leaderboards.

And so on..


Guys let me know how my ideea sounds for you.

Good luck at tables !





Rank 14

I like that idea a lot. I think I will play a way more games with a leaderboard like that and even with a small prizes. But I think it's better to count amount of games and not wins (or maybe combine both). If now I'm trying to play 100 games daily and suddenly I will notice a guy who are playing 120 games, I think I will do everything in my power to play 121 games daily. Rofl

Rank 16

Great idea!

I’m not the heaviest SNG grinder but do put SNGs in as a mix in my game for periods to just play something else. And I think that if there were a leaderboard it would be more motivating to periodically schedule when to put in SNGs in the grind. Like do one week of SNGs here and there and try to go against then bosses at the levelSmile

I think that the leaderboard points should be a mix of volume and placement. If it’s only volume based the skills will be less represented in leaderboard.

I play at low stakes but I think that the prizes should reflect the stakes you play. The high stakes SNG grinder (HU and 5) shall have bigger rewards, they put in a larger turnerover in € and rake more than the low limits. I don’t have a good solution in my head but think that it’s just fair to have different rewards based on the stakes you play.

With all this said I like your idea @successlaw, well written and I support it!

Unibet Poker Expert

Hi @successlaw,

thanks for your great input.

We have no plans to do something like this right now, however new ideas are always welcome and we are open to anything new and to discuss it.

Thank you

Rank 17

a lot of things will happen if ever Unibet will think to introduce a leaderboard on sng's : collusion , regs etc