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Keep community active when unibet account blocked

It would be useful if you could access community when account is blocked because now you can only access lc when this happens and i trust more moderators here on knowledge and ability to make things happen than lc. Happened to me once when unibet by mistake blocked my account and lc could help then but like in @fraudpresedence case he was forced to use someone elses account.

Rank 18

I would have to agree. My leaving unibet would have lasted 5 mins instead of 5 days. 

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Ty, please click thumb, i guess it counts if this is going anywhere.

So you left unibet and came back apparently since you are here Very Happy ???

Rank 18

Yes good idea. I thought of this but didn't focus it into an idea before. I was just kinda frustrated when I couldn't log into the forum, when I had lost access to my main account temporarily Smile

Community Manager

I can't promise a specific deadline, but we're working on this feature being available within long. It'll bring about a number of advantages, as well as being able to log into the community, should there be a document request you'll also be able to see that and upload the documents directly instead of via email.

There are three elements to the project and I believe the first is in the initial stages of being tested, so progress is happening Smile

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted