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Join main unibet site login with unibet community login

Hey, it's great that the login bug is now fixed, that if you go to the community and click sign in then are redirected to unibet.com you only need to enter your details once.

As a further improvement to this login process I suggest the following: -

That when you are logged in to the main unibet.com site and then click on community, when the community page opens, you are automatically logged in owing to your unibet.com login credentials. At the moment even if you are logged in to the main unibet site, if you click the community, you have to re-login by clicking login on the community and then going back to unibet.com and logging in.


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Status changed to: Accepted

I can promise this is something that'll come in the future. Unfortunately we don't currently have the technical framework for this, but it's in the pipeline, and I hope we'll have the auto-login feature in Q2 next year Smile