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Improvement to self-restriction options

I am a player that has a tendency to go high risk / high reward playing with a low bankroll. The urge to shoot your bankroll up high and fast is high to get to a point where you could play live casino / sports also with a rewarding sensation that it sometimes is shooting yourself up in the leg as you could've just grinded your way up there with using an affordable bankroll you made a deposit for.

Currently in the account self-restriction you have the following options:

-Casino & Games

You could easily have Casino & Games and then Live casino as a separate option added up as you already have a separate button in the pages for them already so it really does not require much of a job to the site either. It would be more up to an operative decision rather than being too much of a task. I don't think you can relate slot games or even RNG gfx table games to the live casino games, they are very different.

This would at least help me control my gaming and would definately at times use it to block myself from trying to shoot up with slots (I know, it rarely works and slots are _very_ addictive Very Happy). This kind of option to be able to separate slots & live casino from self-restriction only exists in one online casino that I know of.

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Good idea @DepchZ. The pace at live tables is slower than slots so there is a difference.
Make sure you have a max deposit level on your account or your account could be temporarily locked.

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@PokerAndBetting"Make sure you have a max deposit level on your account or your account could be temporarily locked."

What I meant more is that my approach to baccarat / roulette is much more methodical with bankroll management than in slots. I like those games a lot. Sometimes you however wish to have an extra sensation of reward from the bets made so I tend to try to go for slots to shoot the bankroll up for that. That is sometimes very tempting and I wish there was the option to block that and just instead keep grinding your bankroll up or take a break when the playing does not feel rewarding anymore.

What I deposit I am ready to accept as losses,. I also know when to take time off as I have evidently restricted myself from gaming previously in Unibet as well. So this was not a suggestion to restrict your gambling, it was a suggestion to add a restriction what type of gambling you can do while you decide to play and help sticking to that decision. Smile

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@DepchZ Thanks a lot for posting your idea! I like it, and even though I can't comment on the work needed to be done, or other possible restrictions at the moment, I've forwarded your proposal to the head of our Responsible Gaming department - hopefully we'll get some feedback that we can pass on Smile


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Thanks @Jeppe-Unibet

For clarification for others who possibly did not understand it I have a couple of examples of this. Smile

Sometimes you make a deposit of 100€ and you might just want to go high risk / high reward with slots to up your bankroll. There is no requirement for self-restriction there.

Sometimes or even more often you might want to take that methodical approach and play hours on live baccarat / live black jack / live roulette during the weekend with a deposit of 500€ for example while sipping a few beverages etc. This would be the perfect time to restrict yourself from slots and sticking to that plan purely. We all know what long gaming sessions can do mentally and especially a couple of beverages too much. Very Happy

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I think this is a good idea. Btw I can imagine a drunken night option too in where you can deposit only 2 times in 24 hours and you will get a yellow card (30 mins ban from slots/current product what you are playing for) after losing the first depo and a red card (3 hours) if you lose the second one. The limits of the deposits could be also adjustable.

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I received a contact attempt from Unibet most likely kickstarted by this thread. While I appreciate the concern I must elaborate a few keywords that might have alerted some people to take that initiative and I have no problem going through with it publicly. Perhaps some can relate to this even or take heed to reflect upon themselves and think about it.

The mental side of the game after playing some hours on live casino is the same as playing in any other computer game or reading a lot. You get a bit tired and your focus level wears down as does your decision making. Also a set of bad runs like on poker can cause a "tilt" session, it all the same applies in other games. That is the mental side of the game, it was not meant in any way to anything else that should be of concern. No guilt, burden or stress involved. I wanted to make that clear in case that alerted some people to contact me. That is what this thread was about mostly, to protect yourself from wearing yourself down and astraying to worse decision making. Aka hours of nice fun playing but when you get a bit tired and the bankroll does not reflect upon that you might want to take unnecessary risks with slots.

Affordable bankroll means two things for me. Have a proper bankroll management for your bets, like in poker and that should be related to your income how much you initially deposit. However if you try to play with a strong bankroll management the bets might not feel so rewarding so you might play more loose and try to skyrocket the bankroll up high so you can play steady. Extraordinary patience is a virtue of a few. Perhaps making a live casino challenge from 50€ or 100€ to get it to 1000€ might help there. =)

Sipping beverages mostly was an example, I have only been drunk once the past year. But it is very common with people to play some casino while drinking so it felt fitting to include there.

This month I probably did invest a bit more than I ought to initially, but I never play that much that I would lose the roof on my head or so. No burden involved with the money I invest. I have adjusted my deposit limit to a safe level. Thank you for the concern. Smile

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And btw. perhaps the above was just a "holy overreaction, batman" type of post and the contact was about something else. Very Happy But I am still glad I elaborated the words used in the above posts more so there will not be any sort of confusion regarding them.

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More accurate info on this subject from my own perspective. I know the idea was forwarded already, but I like to build the case as accurate as possible. Trying to not keep it as spammy, just consider this important for me, sorry about that.

My own statistics from my gambling sheet on Unibet since may:
a) ~5 hours of live casino on Unibet for an amount of +~110€ with a low bankroll
b) Total of -~460e on slots trying to skyrocket the bankroll up to a level where singles sports bets & casino feels more rewarding. This option hasn't been kind  for me, lol. But all it takes is a single spin and everyone knows it's high risk/high reward.
c) -Total of -~40e on sports/esports playing mostly parlays after failed attempts on slots to skyrocket the bankroll. With a proper bankroll singles and duos would be the butter and bread.
d) No poker, I got tired of that in the end of last decade, just like to play tournaments and live with friends. This would probably be a good option to build your bankroll up as well with a couple of tables on. However I have no current plans of getting back to active poker.

Clearly having the slots is beneficial for Unibet financially. But I think that's the form of gambling that can be hardest to control especially if your mind has already been exhausted from other type of games and then it would be good to take a precautions beforehand with specific restrictions for a short period of time. For the majority of the players things don't work as well with slots as it does for Twitch streamers Jarttu & Roshtein etc. dead spins^n+1 hahhah. Very Happy Perhaps there is no shortcut up except for in the rarest of cases and you just have to work your way to get that bankroll up and running, even a total restriction of slots would help there. Smile

Thank you all and take care everyone.

Community Manager

@DepchZ Thanks a lot for explaining the proposal in depth, as promised it was looked at by the head of Player Safety.
Happily she's fond of the idea and she'll look into potentially getting it going - the product blocking is actually something we invented ourselves and not imposed by regulators, this should mean we can also be fairly flexible in the chosen setup. 
They do have other projects going and technical resources are limited, so it could be a bit before they look into this idea and explore the possible advantages and if it's something they'd like to develop Smile


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Status changed to: Investigating

Investigating for the long term, please see posts for information Smile

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I had put this in a separate Idea previously but it got lost in the pack but I think being able to set a daily or weekly loss limit would be good too. Setting a £10 daily loss limit on Casino and £30 on Sports for example. 

The loss limit would be triggered based on start of session balance minus loss limit so if you have £100 and you win £100 and keep playing the limit still kicks in a £70 if you have a £30 daily limit.

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Also in addition to this idea, some kind of quickly launchable "24hour stop-loss" -switch or "24h tilt-switch" would be more than welcome.
Just to prevent losing a lot more than you'd like/everything, because you are getting tilted, drunk, or just to restrain yourself from that period, because you know there's a high risk to blow your rolls away. Desire to hit bigger stakes when drunk is most likely the same as losing. 
And I do mean a single, pre-set button for doing that. Restricting slowly yourself from the games afterwards is not fast enough, and for some it even might seem the same as begging mercy or something. Try to do something like that while lusting revenge Smirk
Quick-switch would just be like turning off the engines and throwing away the key for that night, which obviously is far more easier to do.

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I like the idea @MoreTBC had as well. I would most likely use that setting if live casino & slots were separated from each other.  Below as an example what I could see myself using with my current deposit limit:

Sports: no restriction
Casino&Slots: 100€ (30 day) or 5€-10€ (24h) or permanently blocked at times like on the thread idea
Live Casino: no restriction (30 day) or 100€ (24h)
Lotto,Bingo,Poker: no restriction

Allows better flex without governing the restriction options beforehand a gaming session which is a total on/off currently per game selection. As you can see how I perceive Casino&Slots from Live Casino is _very_ different from eachother so a single usage of loss limit them combined would not suffice for me and I would just have to work around it myself.