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Idea about poker connection lost

i suggest you should put a security for internet connection lost i suggest 1,2 minutes would be enough if accidently poker crash app or connection lost i think all players would apreciate this because ur poker app crashes to many time 

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I think that adding of extra ~15 seconds would be enough. After some fixes I don't have too many crashes, it happens maybe a couple times in a month only, so it's not a big deal, but disconnection problem is quite frequent occurrence (once in a 1-2 hours, I think) and most of times connection restores pretty quickly and usually I have time to make a decision, but sometimes it makes me really mad when I see good hand going to the muck and I'm losing a lot of value (especially painful while playing shortstacks or big pot hands). 1-2 minutes is too lot of time, just imagine how boring and annoying it would be for other players to wait somebody for such a long time. And sometimes it's not even a problem from Unibet side. Also, I think that some guys can use it with bad intentions in games where blind levels are growing every 1-3 minutes, for example.

I want to note that I'm only talking about my own experience and don't know how often other players have disconnections or crashes.

Unibet Poker Expert

Hi guys,

as mentioned in another thread, I will bring up the topic timebank and disconnection timebank in our next team meeting to discuss and we will see if changes are necessary and consider all the pros and cons of it.

Thanks for your feedback