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Hand for Hand alert


I had this small idea for a while now. Increase or make the hand for hand alert bigger. It would definitely speed up the game as those few players who max-tank fold each hand don't get to see it, but rather get dealt into a new hand.

I understand that having to code some sort of an alert that pops up in the middle of the window takes a lot of hours and there  are more pressing issues to be dealt with. In my oppinion, at least changing the current green collor to white, making the alert stay on for the duration of Hand-for-hand (like the break message) would improve the hand for hand period in tournaments (especially in those that go through this phase with 2-3 tables).


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Thanks for the suggestion! Smile

It can't really be bigger or positioned elsewhere, as it'll hide essential details on mobile. I don't think it'll change anything in terms of the max-tank guys during hand-for-hand; it's at least often done just to try and tilt the other players. Improving the TTA and timebank is where we'll focus instead, so that the stalling can be done in the same way Smile

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