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HEADS UP Tournaments to Unibet! :)

Hello Unibet!

I think Unibet have lot of heads up player. I think wanna be very nice, when not just face to face can we play, its wanna amazing when Unibet create new Heaps Up tournaments same! I think lt of heads up player choice this option. Maybe first with test tournament , and after different buy in types. 

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Join with comment and ideas! Gl everybody

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ofcourse wit 8/16/32/64/124 Table, and the winner of heads up, got to nect round. 

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Any chanche to Test tournament?

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@gyepedro there's no point in spamming your own topic to get the "post of the month" Tongue

This suggestion has been made many times already, but it needs a lot of development to make this work. Right now  Relax and Unibet don't have time for that Smile (At least that's what they told us last time)

Community Manager

I like it a lot @gyepedro, but @VikingsAF is right and at the moment development priorities are elsewhere for the poker client. I have been toying with the idea though of creating a small, but official, Community Heads Up Championship - it would have to be over a period of time though and not just one night Smile


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Thank you very much @Jeppe-Unibet! ☺️ Wanna be amazing! ☺️

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@Jeppe-Unibet  Community Heads Up Championship ?

Yes please!

Make it happenIn Love