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Get a new GUI/software..

instead of using millions on advertise.. Get a new poker software.. I keep forgetting how AWFULL it is.   and then i hear of the Unibet open satelits, i login. and already after 2 minutes.  I want to leave again..  If you ever want to get a better position on the poker scene.  Dump that terrible useless software and design a new one.  Maybe just go back to the one you have 10 year ago.. that was easily 1.000.000 times better

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@Seisbyei disagree, i like the software better than any other.

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Lol @Seisbye best software ever IMO if you don't like gg

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The software itself can struggle once in a while. But the GUI is lovely Smile The only one I can watch for more than one hour before wanting to kill myself Wink

If you don't like it, then don't play it! Instead of moaning about something nobody cares about Wink

GL with your journey!

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I really like the look of it too Smile

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I think you're all being a little harsh here. Although the OP has not been very constructive in his criticism there are and always have been issues with the GUI that leaves it behind other clients.

The MTT lobby has always been way behind competitors, the client uses more CPU than most and in general having one universal client for PC&Web/Mobile means the PC users have to sacrifice things in order for the mobile version to be user friendly and usable.

It is much better than the MPN client though so going back to that is a terrible idea Smile