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Freerolls available/accessible to every REC player ?

Heya gang, @Leo-Unibet , @Patric-Unibet , @Ray-Unibet !

I propose following (idea/opinion):

-> due to the super-lack of accessibility during RUSH hours some of Freerolls tournaments could be maybe 'restricted' -> still open for all players, but maybe give some chance to players which did not sit behind the screen 24/7. My idea is to use some "free-pass" tickets which should be awarded to all players (no restrictions), but in reasonable amount -> I do not know - 20 or so per month (details can be for sure discussed) ? + an additional possibility to BUY further tickets via Bonus points (some symbolic value - 1,2 bonus points ?)


Doing in a such way there could be a chance for ALL players to participate in various tournaments - now it seems like demand is singificantly higher than availability ... so what do you think about ?