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Freebets on your account would also be a part of your bankroll

and you would be able to watch streamed games even if your real cash balance is zero.

Happened to me in the past winning some freebets via StreakR or here but due to empty roll wasn't able to watch games live even though I wanted to use the free betting option.


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Freebets aren't cash or even bonus funds, hence they shouldn't be shown as part of the balance. Fail to see the logic here, and it'll be confusing more than anything else. Should freespins, poker bonuspoints, poker tickets, bingo tickets etc. also show as part of your balance? 

In terms of streaming, I also believe the current rules with balance/pending bet is better.

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I'm ready to defend this post and open to the discussion if you are ready getting acquainted with my point of view, but this costs attantion of your side. Are you interesting on it?

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Pending bet don't count anymore these days towards watching stream, which i thought was point of this idea, not that it actually shows freebet in balance. You still need 1€ in account to watch and making deposit just to be able watch stream can get expensive Laugh