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Fold to any bet & Call Button

I have noticed that I several times have by mistake called a bet with a hand that I had no intention to call the flop with. The reason to this has been that the check box  “Fold to any bet” and “Call Button” are almost at the same position in the Poker Client. If a players open raises and you are about to press “Fold to any bet” and at the same time it’s your turn to act it can happen that you instead call the hand. I have run into this several times. This misstake also takes easier if you mulittable. And I would say that it gives a negative effect on the end users experiance, i.e. the player who acctually loses profit this way.

suggestion: move the “Fold to any bet” check box away so that this can not take place. If I recall it correctly this check box has a placement on the left cornerish in the mobile app.

(there is a similar post in the "Bug report" section. I posted it by misstake there. Due to that this is not a bug as such I post it here as a improvementSmile )

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Silver1,

I just tested it and you are right, it is quite close and could be moved a bit.

I will add it to our list of potential changes to make.

Thanks for your contribution

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@Patric-Unibet thanks man, sounds goodSmileOk

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@Patric-Unibet any news on this one?

Unibet Poker Expert

Hey @Silver1 ,

it's on our list to get fixed but it's not our highest priority.

I will ask for an update on this on our next meeting with the devs.


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@Patric-Unibet Understand and thanks mate!

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@Patric-Unibet did you guys fux this ine🤔? Think I at least have had less of the -EV miss-clicks lately☺️