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Faster level time for late night Sputnik €500gtd MTT

These Sputnik tournaments start with 3min levels and progress to 6, 9, 12 and finally 15min levels. I like long level times, gives plenty of time to play but the last Sputnik tournament begins quite late in the evening and yesterday was the second time I was playing heads-up in this tournament and the HU lasted for 2 hours (it ended at 3.22AM local time for me). I remember the first time the HU lasted for about 2½ hours (this was weeks ago). My suggestion is to reduce the level time on the last stage to 12 so it never progresses to 15min levels so we can all go to sleep earlier. Alternatively add more 9min levels so it takes longer for the game to progress to the slow 12 and 15min levels. Good tournament otherwise, one of my favorites.

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And same for the nano version, it last too long because of the level and excluding the part that the last time i played and reached final table there was a scum named zzzzzzzz6, sry but i can't call him diffrent, that was tanking each single hand. At 1 point i was 3/3, he was 2nd and the chipleader disconnected after 1 hour because of his low life tactic to annoy us. Had "the pleasure" to be at his table even before itm. I think we were playing 1 hand each 4-5 min. When he was joining a hand he was tanking even the extra 1 second you get after the regular 10 second.

Sry for long and maybe "no one cares" post.

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@Wiked @gravedom 

Very good feedback, I will definitely look in to this and change if I feel it's nessesary. If I change I will not just change the late Sputnik, I'll change them all.