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Extra Likes for heavy users

Pretty simple isn't it?
Would it be possible to increase the amount of Likes in the members accounts in the community, who spends time and reads a lot, and therefore often "likes" things a lot?
Doubt that the mods, for example, has any limits for those Wonder
Could be given for say, rank 18-20 and up, so no spamming with those could be done to boost some fake accounts next Christmas Laugh

But seriously, June comp has only lasted about a week and the most active ppl are running into Likes Flood on a daily basis. And those likes doesn't even count towards anything.

Unibet Poker Expert

@Rushbie , not technically possible, unfortunately. There's no permission specific for the likes limit 

Rank 22

Ok, bummer.. well thanks for clearing that Thumbs UpSmile


What a problem to have though huh @RushbieHappy. Lovin' the June miniseries too much Very Happy

Rank 22

Yeah, could be worse i guess Laugh

-OK guys, reports say there were complaints about the promo. What went wrong?
-Ehh.. people run out of likes all the time, sir.

Rank 22

Is the "likes flood" somehow related to the ability to send PM's?

I got my first ever likes flood this week, and on the same day for the first time I also lost the ability to send PM's because I had apparently sent too many of those. I had send about 4 PM's during last 2 weeks.

Seems weird that these things would be connected, but there are no coincidents, they say.....


Rank 18

"@Rushbie , not technically possible, unfortunately. There's no permission specific for the likes limit " 

@Stubbe-Unibet isn't that what ideas are for, to implement features that don't exist Cheeky 

Get those coders to work Stubbe that's what I say! Rofl

Unibet Poker Expert

@SkilfulPoker usually yes, but when it's a platform by a thirdparty and there're no ad-hoc customization requests included in the contract, it's a different story Wink

Rank 25

Always have to do everything yourself Dissatisfied Easy fix:

Rank 27

I used my last like for this topic so yes, we need moar.Laugh

Rank 16
Rank 16

Cmon guys, its not only "gamble responsibly" but also "like responsibly"!😁