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Evening freezeout tournament

@Leo-Unibet  @Stubbe-Unibet 

Any chance you could humour old farts like me with 10€-30€ freezeout "normal" tournament in the evening, lets say between 5pm-8pm? With very short or none late reg like back in the days Smile Don't know whole schedule but yesterday there was only 1 omaha tourny that i could consider and today only dark matter ( with1 hour late reg and deep so, no ty). Keep guarantee low if you are afraid of overlay but it may get intention now that betting scene is dead. 

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Never really do public tournaments on request like this, but it'll be in the client soon, without a GTD. Name 

Livertool's Public Old-School Freezeout

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I guess i missed it, nowhere to be seen. But i got what i wanted today....


Next request from will be to ba able to make alias one letter longer so i can fit missing T in there too Very Happy

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Now i found it. Looks like i am getting my buy in back atm but i challenge all community grinders to join. Ez 10€ to steal from me ;D


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Thanks for participants (respect), unfortunately others were too scared of our ultimate poker skills and we didn't have chance to steal from them. Maybe next time Tongue

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I thought it was a password protected tournament when I saw it in the lobby, probably part of the reason it didn't start, also 0€ GTD's almost never work unfortunately

But I agree with @Livertool that there's a lack of normal freezouts, and the fact that the homegame demand seems to be mostly for normal type tournaments generally freezout or 1-2 re-entry seems to suggest that that's what a lot of people (particularly homegame recreationals) want to play. 

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Hello @Livertool 
We're overseeing the schedule all the time to have a schedule that siuts the majority of our customers.
I assume with normal you mean freezeout ? you have the €50 buyin €2,000 Comet freezeout  which starts  19:00cet

That's a great tournament, try it out

/Old fart #2 

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Freezeout yes and normal as not deep, so stack and blinds to fit 3 or max 4 hours of playing time. And buy in between 10€-25€.

Imo that should fit to lot of "average joes" too. I mean, at least in here, working between 6-8am to 2-4pm is pretty common so timewise you can get to home to play and tournament over before midnight so you can get some sleep too if alarm clock goes off at 5am.

50€ buy in might be little deep too for that category of people. If you make around 2k€ salary per month, which is also quite common here, after bills there ain't too many fifties to throw around so lower buyin could make peeps play more frequently.

Lot of guessing there but since we don't have tournaments to fit that category, who knows.

I might try out that comet sometime but to play more often i would prefer a bit shorter play time as comet seems to be running for almost five to over six hours. (unless you include 30 minute nap break in the middle of tourny for old farts Rofl)

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Also forgot to mention that it would hepl a lot to find tournament to play, if you would release next one when tournament is over. If you find something that you could consider to play for example this exoplanet, next one nowhere to be seen atm. And no help in tournament desciption either when it has been played.



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Nothing wrong with a small freezeout turbo