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Do not mark goals until they are officially goals

Like title says. Happens so often these days that goals are denied few moments later (probly cause VAR). Pretty annoying from bettor's point of view. You can just suspend betting until situation is sure thing. TY.

And if there is members that use livetulokset/flashscore, please spam their mail with this too for more likely change. I already did, easy to send from their site Smile

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Already got reply from livetulokset that they are not planning to do it as they have asked it from users and according to them great majority wants goals right away even if they are corrected later.

Like who wants to see flop of 22A on their pocket ducks and then after review flop changed AAK Very Happy

So chance for Kambi to pioneers and do it right Wink... or transfer this idea to has world gone insane thread

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This is slightly off-topic, but now that you are friends with Flashscore, please ask if they could change the announcements that appear on the bottom left corner of the browser back to how they were.

The announcement still appears when there's a goal, but when a match ends the announcement stays away Sad

That change happened earlier this week and it's not a good thing at all.

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I don't know if they consider me friend as after their reply i asked what kind of idiots have they asked those questions Rofl

And response was that apparently some people try to beat betsites with fast updates Speechless

Tell me one site, that is slower to update scores or stop betting meanwhile you have time to see score from flashscore and then make bet, and i be there instantly.