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Display unique threads in Latest Posts

This is pretty self explanatory, display unique threads in Latest Posts on the main page of the community forum. Right now any popular thread will just clog up that entire section, and it's pretty pointless since the thread gets highlighted and goes to top anyway when someone new posts. If displaying the popularity of a thread is also a concern then there could be a number of posts stat in parenthesis somewhere showing how many of the latest idk 20 posts are in that thread. 

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Status changed to: Investigating

It's definitely needed and had a chat with a coder about it yesterday amongst a few other things as well. I've increased the number of posts the component displays to 7 for the time being, tried 10 for a little as well but it looked a bit crazy I thought.


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It's an issue with the platform (**bleep**). There used to be a custom component in the right side showing exactly this, but as more and more content was added to the site, the code began to fail. The standard components can't show what you're asking for. They either show all latest posts (multiple from same topic) or just the latest topics created.

@Jeppe-Unibet maybe worth giving the custom component a shot again? Believe it hasn't been tested for some time, so maybe they've fixed the issue Smile

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@NMPfan @BonusPater Trying it now, but looks like the code is still bugging a bit Sad

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Loading fine here. It doesn’t load at all for you, or?

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Hmm now the new posts don't get displayed like they did before. Everything is the same colour.

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New style looks good and is more "transparent",but last one,IMO, was better.

What annoys me is that we cannot see from which section post/s is/are.Can you correct that?