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Customize bet size buttons - Poker Client

It would be nice if the betting buttons could be customized to give the player the opportunity to choose how many big blinds the a raise or re-raise (3bet) shall be pre-flop. And post flop it would be nice to have the opporunity to give a procentual size of the pot that shall be bet on the flop/turn/river.

Pre-flop raise: 2x, 2.5x, 3x,

Flop: 45%, 66%, 75%

Turn: 55%, 75%, 99%

River: 50%, 80%, 110%

Rank 10

Poker players shouldn't play standard like all the others, they should express their individuality by playing how they think, not how Unibet thinks for them.

We already have plus and minus buttons, so whatever you have in your mind about a bet, can be expressed at the table.

Why you want to bet so fast ? Being fast doesn't help you with anything.

And why should we choose those values you set ? The community will never agree to the same values, so just choose your own, like you can do it right now.

Rank 17

I like that idea to customize the bet sizes.

I think will help a lot of people, because a lot of them write the numbers from the keyboard.

Hope your suggestion will be implemented soon @Silver1 

Rank 10

not good different size of flop/turn/river, need individual sizing for player

or 1/3, 1/2, 2/3

preflop - 2x - not need - u can push button raise (default - minraise - 2x), better 2.2x, 2.5x