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Community philosophy

Hmm, what are posts worth?

Some none yet some have have great value in form of getting product better, helping other customers etc, overall more positive experience of Unibet and saving them salary money of hiring people to do this for them. Well, not all positive but as long there is discussion must be good, after all there is no such thing as bad publicity Smirk

What the hell are you talking about some might ask. Lost your nuts or feeling tipsy? No and no.

Yes and yes Laugh

Anyways, to my calculations, one post is worth around 1 cent (and we have one of best education in here so it can't be far off)

And referring to that math, would it be too much to ask to get 2000€ freeroll soon? Tongue


Rank 15

With the help of @psrquack we can reach 200.000 until the end of this week Smile

Rank 27

That's funny, but others have this Superpower more like me.Tongue

Rank 21
Rank 21

Crossing the line with Wudu`s political shenanigans would be the nicest way. Laugh

Rank 16

€2K freeroll? ofc its a nice idea. Cash

Unibet Poker Expert
Community Manager

@XY I highly doubt that Very Happy

@Livertool Not a bad suggestion, but would it really be best to splash it in one freeroll instead of spreading it out over, maybe a week?

Rank 25


One is good, week is good, ain't too picky Very Happy

But now that you asked, maybe several would be better. I doubt there won't be any restrictions who can play so maybe you could set up freerolls for different ranks or something like 0-10, 11-18, 19-infinity so each roll wouldn't be so crowded. Or give members just 2 tikiets that they can use to play tournys that they want so everyone can't play all of them. All good Smile

Rank 10

yes that is right very good idea

Rank 12

@Livertool might be the next Unibet guy?

Only positiv community ideas from him nowadays.Smile

Big like.

Rank 16

Hopefully it's not rank dependend. Not everyone spam as much as other members do with their ducks.

Rank 21

Yes, good luck to all in positive posts, of course also in the critical ones, but constructive, in order to raise the value of this community as much as possible.Happy

Rank 25
Rank 16

So many ducks.Angel

Rank 10

Is  there party coming?