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Community molds Unibet, filters in the sports client?


 Heya gang Smile

Based on the recent feedback , there might be some development starting with the Sportsbetting section in the future. A little bird told me that there might be some filters that are being tried out, filters that would alow players to sort the odds offering in the following way:

Option 1        
Show all matches within the next 1 hour 4 hours 10hours  
Option 2        
Show all matches within the next 15 minutes 1 hour 4 hours 10 hours
Option 3        
Show all matches within the next 15 minutes 1 hour 4 hours 8 hours

If this is implemented, one more little tweak to this filtering system should allow players to filter by sport as well in the same way descrived above.
What do you guys and gal's think about this, would you change anything in the filtering times? 
Any idea is welcomed, leave your thoughts and reasoning below.


Rank 23

Option 3 seems best as it allows you to filter with maximum accuracy. Maybe change 15 to 30mins as events in sport tend to happen more frequently on the hour or half hour in my completely uneducated opinion so you would catch more events with a 30 min filter. Sports with fixed start times (NFL is always on the hour right?) might benefit from 1hr/2hr/4hr/8hr filter range.

Some sports (Horse racing comes to mind first) might even need filtering like 15mins/30mins/1hr/2hr as so many events can happen in a short period.

Basically I'm saying I don't think one size will fit all Smile


Rank 26

For sure this will be an improvment regarding sports betting. Like @MoreTBC said , would rather have a 30 minutes one instead of the 15 one and for me aswell,  option 3 seems the best. 

Will write a more  deep comment about this later tonight. But definately a + . 

Rank 21

less click less filter...i want to see those lines quick !

option 1 within 1 hour first

Rank 25

For me would be ideal a filter with all streamed matches within 15 minutes and 1 hour. In other case option 1 would be good.

Rank 20

Agree with @AndreiBN option 3, with fist filter 30 min

JRE Rank 14
Rank 14

Hard to say but option 3 seems to be the best.

Rank 22

Option 3

Rank 17

 I  like Option 3.

Rank 22

 I  like Option 3.

Rank 20

This filter thing not important for me, but i would be happy if see the betting history section (all, open, settled) an extra category (all, open, settled win, settled lost). Thumbs Up 

Rank 21

the biggest issue from my pov is still the same , the min bet being 1$ instead of 10 cents !

the overall variety of bets in hockey

Rank 19

I like option 3.