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Community Freeroll Championship

What do you think about a Community Freeroll Championship?

I mean it would be nice to have  2 weekly community freerolls with monthly leaderboard.
Then, at the end of the month, first 10  players at the top of the leaderboard to win some poker tickets or free spins.

Rank 22

@Lywyu  nice idea ... but only with some restrictions ... Rank or some  buy-in....

Rank 10

@pinki Yes, with some restrictions.

Rank 22

@Lywyu there were many such ideas: like @Nestabear  community league with bunch(30) of mtts during a month  and ie. 10-15 top results - smth similar to Stars Masters League.  We have @DaVitsche League,  Somtimes we have  Bounty Community League.

but I will agree  ... another format/regular of  Community League is good idea.  and  mtts should not be free  or smth, because then the players' approach is completely different ... and of course alias should be similar to ... 



Rank 14

I like this ideea @Lywyu

If will be 2 freerolls a week, i hope to be on weekend.