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Community Freeroll Championship

What do you think about a Community Freeroll Championship?

I mean it would be nice to have  2 weekly community freerolls with monthly leaderboard.
Then, at the end of the month, first 10  players at the top of the leaderboard to win some poker tickets or free spins.

Rank 23

@Lywyu  nice idea ... but only with some restrictions ... Rank or some  buy-in....

Rank 10

@pinki Yes, with some restrictions.

Rank 23

@Lywyu there were many such ideas: like @Nestabear  community league with bunch(30) of mtts during a month  and ie. 10-15 top results - smth similar to Stars Masters League.  We have @DaVitsche League,  Somtimes we have  Bounty Community League.

but I will agree  ... another format/regular of  Community League is good idea.  and  mtts should not be free  or smth, because then the players' approach is completely different ... and of course alias should be similar to ... 



Rank 17

I like this ideea @Lywyu

If will be 2 freerolls a week, i hope to be on weekend. 

Rank 21

I also make a proposal who knows maybe it will ever be highlighted. Why not have a weekly poker freeroll for those who have a contribution on this community. (eg certain connection minutes, a number of weekly posts, etc.).


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Rank 21

@psrquack it was so much that I forgot about these tournaments.Thumbs Up

Rank 10

I also do not hide that it would be a great initiative for regulars and also new users who want to join the group and known would have to somehow deserve to join the competition.

It will be very hard to convince old stalkers Very Happy that social freerolls will appear on the forum.

On the one hand, as we know, current freerolls no longer have bounty prizes and there are two Omaha tournaments where you can win cash tickets and one MTT. In return, we have Unibet Open tickets, which are also good; D, but looking at it rationally ... it can be hard to convince the top that the money prizes come into play, because how many times has the bounty rolled out? That's right: D

Looking at it from the other side and with a pinch of salt, I personally have such suggestions from myself:

- first of all, if they were to be freerolls, there is no buy-in option, unless if there was a buy-in and Unibet spilled into the pot, then there is no problem and such a € 1 buy-in should not be a problem

- if, as a colleague mentioned above, it would be a monthly statement, two tournaments a month are a bit short and I would prefer to have a tournament with a smaller pot, but four weeks and more fun

- as for the ranking itself and the ranking at the end of the month, you could diversify the game a bit and, for example, not assign points for the final place, and the final number of chips would count.

Each player then automatically has a better chance and with one good tournament he can chase a few places or chase away a few other users; D

Awards - no doubt the best option would be to be able to choose your own prize. A given player who finishes a month and is in the premium place (let's say, for example, € 20), chooses the type of prize (something ala shop, where for winning the amount you choose yourself free spins, free bingo, poker tickets or sports freebet). There are many possibilities and I think I would be pleasedWink

Finally, I would add that such a thing would certainly attract a new group of users and improve the slightly tarnished image of Unibet after even recent attacks, or just as we know a lot of users regretted that they were taken bounty in free tournaments; D

Well, a colleague has undoubtedly suggested a nice idea and I'm curious myself how it will go on; p

Rank 8

That would be a great idea

Rank 14

Great idea, but only with restrictions.

Rank 10

II agree,of course

Rank 10

Fine idea Thumbs Up
Restrictions are ok, but not to severe... It seems that lurking only takes you as far as Rank 10 Wink  A centroll is completly fine I guess

Rank 10

I see that the suggestion ends with the topic Laugh . Cool if someone from the board wrote something from themselves and even that there is no chance for such something, or at the moment and maybe in the future there will be such a possibility Ok Peace

Rank 10

Anything new here? Very Happy


No news here, we are not doing a Community Freeroll Championship for now atleast, but there is a few freerolls coming up that are going to be quite nice. Wink I'll post more about those later. Smile

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