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Cleaning and ordering the community: 1st step

After reading the latest idea about the spam and useless stuff posted on the community forums I think a 1st step into achieving a more clean community would be to implement a "Freerolls, Tickets and Passwords" stickied (might not even be stickied, as it will stay on top anyway with the amount of traffic it generates) topic where new users can come an ask for passwords or informations about tournaments instead of creating a new topic for every daily freeroll avaiable. Or they can be redirected by other members to the appropriate topic if they need informations or to ask for tickets.

And delete everything else on this topic. 



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liked it,but I am afraid it is not enough.

We saw that when Stan James customers came...

Maybe new thread/s,separate from the other threads,will do the job?!
It would,also,be easier for "tracking" the requests for @Ray-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet.

Something like advant calendar...
-that does not interact with regular community posts/threads.

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The problem as I see it is that newcomers don't read any other threads or guidelines and don't use the search function to check if their subject is already being discussed, so they will continue to start "new" threads regardless, leading to 5-6 all on the same subject, Bounty Freeroll issues and frerolls in general being prime examples. Teardrop

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Just as an example there was a thread started yesterday "Client app not working" which I didn't see, so I started one this morning "Blank Screen" which seems to be covering the same problem. 

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The platform does offer a functionality which forces the member to perform a search, before creating a new topic. This would surely help a lot, but we'll never get rid completely rid of the "tikiet please", "pw please"

More info here https://lithosphere.**bleep**.com/t5/Search-tools/Search-Before-Post-enhancements-with-Responsive/ta...

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In order to understand a sticky, people have to be able to read the English language first. I doubt that's true for most of the tiket plizze crowd.

And even if you understand English, I also doubt that the other part of that crowd even cares. They just want free stuff...

That's why the tikiet please meme is so funny...

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@GR1ZZL3R it happens every day, but it makes me laugh. once I saw 15 topics created for one question Smile


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 @WuDu & @GR1ZZL3R

In order to keep something clean and in order, you have to put some effort into achieving that, like merging duplicate topics that refer to the same issues, or guide people to the right topic etc.

And this leads me to the 2nd step, unibet need some dedicated community moderators that help with the cleaning.

I think the current people are doing a fantastic job (Jeppe, Ray and forgive me if I forgot some1 else) but it's clear that they have a lot of work to do behind the scenes and cannot stay 24/7 on the community forums.

These results in 2 possible solutions: Hire some1 that only manages the community forums and doesn't do anything related to other customer care issues.

Or the much convenient one, ask for volunteers within the community to help with this.



Or the 3rd one, leave it like this if it's not too troublesome and "gif tiket pls".

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I'm adressing this from a bit different angle and I'm quite sure, that from 2019 we'll be seeing a lot less ticket half random requests in one thread or another. As for the question of more moderators, I'm doing everything I can to make that happen within a reasonable future Smile