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Changing currency at the poker lobby.

I don't understand why there is still no option to change the currency in the poker lobby from Euro to local one, which we are using in our main account. Of course i know that showing it in Euro to all is the best way, but why don't create a possibility to change it with one click to local currency. 

I am using PLN in my main account and sometimes i would like to know exactly how much do i need to invest or how much i can win with a poker tournament.  

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Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Declined

Thanks for submitting the idea!

It'd be quite odd to have it in local currency, and everything would have to be with with 2 decimals. It'd require more work to make sure the display is okay in every language, as €10 is for instance 3,573.15 in Hungarian currency - just open up the hexapro lobby as an example and imagine replacing €10 with 3,573.15HUF Rofl

Furthermore, some things like prizepool in tournament names are actual text and we'd need development hours put into converting this part. 

To conclude: it'd be a mess, it'd look ugly and I don't think the benefit outweighs the downsides.