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Casino's game provider info

This has been pretty annoying for a long time now, but could the info be finally added to the games thumbnails, so there wouldn't always be the need to click and wait for the gamepage to load in order to see which providers game it is?
Would be a lot better if the info is there directly to be seen immediately, making it by far more enjoyable navigating experience.
Even if it's added to the second layer, when you hover the mouse over it.
It'd only take a tiny logo e.g. to the corner of a thumbnail to know.

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100 % agree with this one @Rushbie. There're certain providers where I'll simply just close the game as soon as I see the loading screen (don't like their game design or features). I can usually exclude some games just by looking at the game thumbnail, but not always the case.

A provider filter would also be great - that way I can easily exclude the ones I don't like Smile

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It is very desirable that in the information to the slots the minimum possible number of lines for the game is specified.