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I am the kind of player, who frequently use to do notes about other players, but on Unibet you still can't do this! To support and improve our gameplay is it maybe possible to include the feature to mark other players in different colours???

NEW'z out of the HELL'z KITCHEN!!!

Rank 9

Colours have not much use as players can change their alias frequantly....

Rank 22

Had a buddy once that i knew. When i allowed him at my facebook, i saw similar behavioral, man. At first, common guy, after that, all words with big letters. Cause the other guy -in his head- couldn't see sht. That's where i caught u. Big letters.
But it's alright., mate.  No-one cares here Cool

Rank 10

I use to use everytime capital letters, so be glad that I could mange to surrender my seven other buddies in my head,.... @Rushbie

Yeah they could change their nick but the colours should stay on the profil so that players who plays every day can managa to identify the donkeys,..... @StatusQuads

Rank 23

One of the main good points of this site is that you can't  identify players and try to hunt them down, so I don't think Unibet will be altering this any time soon. Thumbs Up

Rank 9

 I dont agree on that, its one of the reasons i love unibet, all players can stay anonymous and this way you keep focus on the game instead of the person that you noted, who meanwhile could have improved his game, also as long you play with humans that make common mistakes they should not get judge by that one mistake they made, i never liked those colour marks for these reasons. 




Rank 10

We have different opinions about this topic and be sure tht i don't judge people by it's first mistake but when I reconize some players by shoving all the time when they are on a table than it would be great to have that option,...

Rank 10

Not needed I think.. Smile

Rank 10

dont like this, sorry... unibet is not for this

Rank 17

I recomend pen, paper, excell sheet + alot of spare time

Rank 2

I believe player noteds are benificial, you can always update a note if a player improves .That said on other sites I haven't seen much improvement from players I have made notes against(and on some this is over several years). Of course they could just be very loose players.