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Bring Back Bingo Tournamentssss!!

Bring Back Bingo Tournamentssss!! What happened to the mid week mini game tourneys and all the bingo promotions. stake for the NON winning scratchcards is getting very old now too.......Anyone else miss these or just me? literally very rare you get a bingo promotion now.....especially mini game tournaments, i miss them lol

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When Unibet redesigned the Bingo UI it was and is by far the best userfriendly I have seen online, consider they have a loot of other thingys also.

In the beginning they trow att me some nice free spinn on mini games and\or some FBM cash \ vouchers to just remind you that they want you as a customer but havent seen that in a verry long time.

Also they have a strange part when you click your nickname there, with Loyalty, and a thingy called Missions....never seen anything there who match that, no missions....

Also my current Loyalty level is only 397 but still they dont have any promotion or alike...maybe if I get to 1000 ?

Step it upp and do something more exiting....for the new and old players.

Me think that a total overhaul is needed both in Bingo and the Casino why?
Well 2 other places I havent deposited for some while trowing FBM and freespinns att me, so strange they can do it when the place I have been a member the longest is Unibet....maybe they dont care about the old loyal members and just think they stay and deposit as a habbit but nope I dont....

Also now you are getting att least some severe competition from NT who dont bother with asking for documents and so on, because the log inn securety is one of a kind in my country also they do withdrawls verry fast.......so if Unibet want to stay ahead wake upp...(I havent have any problems just FYI with that on Unibet).

Soon they will get some new slots and thwn basicly almost evryone I kow will go there instead and that will take a toll on Unibet, just ment as a constructive wake upp call. This slotts was highly popular when it was IRL and almost evry online casino have them but when they come to NT I know where I will use my monney.....so maybe an idea is to get someone who work in Unibet and is a Norwegian to investigate and testing their pages and see what the future holds.

Also seen that many members from diffrent countrys get what I wrote above but not for customers from my country and that is not Fair gaming....

Just my 2 cents 

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yes i agree. for the last year its either a scratchcard which tbh the rrp is shocking.......think i may of won once out of hundreds lol You can near enough garantee a daily casino promo.......yet nothing ever new n fresh with the bingo. Now that stan james has merged....i also think the rewarding new players from stan to unibet with 50 free spins etc is also awful. as myself.....lost my stanjames account.......loyalty wheel level etc........and as a loyal customer of unibet also i HAD F-ALL.......Oh yes they have now locked my uni account.......and will not open it back up....even though it says SUCESSFULLY VERIFIED in the verify account bit.....wanted me to verify skrill account.....which took them 2 weeks.............useless. im suprised this site is still going. No loyalty to their players wotsoever.......moto......by players for player????? dont think so

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Yes no tournaments anymore......no free games of bingo either which sucks big time. every other site has some sort of free games

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Pls free bingo