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Basketball competition

Hi everybody. I would like to propose idea for a basketball competition. For all the time i've been in this community i've seen only one competition associated with basketball and it was NBA not our European one. We have football, tennis, nfl, even fighting competitions but never basketball European Championship or Euroleague typing. It is very strange and i completly do not understand it. Maybe Unibet don't have many basketball tipsters? I don't believe it. I used to go to my local 1st league team matches and there were always full hall of fans, when watching our higher league in tv the same, halls always full. Considering that my country is not the country with basketball as main liked sport, it's not even second or third i think such a competition would be popular and well received here, especially that we have people in community from countries that value basketball more than me.

I know, maybe it's not the best time to post this idea. Ray is gone, Jeppe is gone now too. Community finished many promos lastly. On the other side it could be the best time for idea like this. I am not telling to do this right now or in the nearest future. Just want to consider sometimes our European basketball here, we will see how many people will like this idea. 

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I like the idea, but I think if there will be one,  it will probably be on the NBA, that's where the most potential people basketball knowledge is focused on.

PS: A Bulls Fan here, dreaming of new glory days.

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Yes, it's strange that we don't have a basketball competition. I mean a lot more people are betting on basketball than NFL. I hope we will have something

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NBA!!! 😊👍

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I was a fan of Wizards when our Polish Hammer played. Our Europen championships have one big advantage over NBA, they are played by evening, not in the middle of the night, but of course NBA is still good idea to me. They are sunday matches and some of them are played in the evening hours. Sadly we lost one of the strongest basketball country in the community - Lithuania.

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I am in! The Competitions any tipe is good preparation for my bookie's betslips. 

I am not so much in basketball, I prefer soccer and icehockey, but why not?

Bro, inform me for any information or start that sort of competitio. GL