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Backing & staking of players by players on Unibet



The term poker staking means that a poker investor (“the backer”) puts up money on behalf of a poker player (“the horse”) in exchange for a cut of the profits. The backer typically assumes all the risk – any money the horse loses is on the backer, but if the horse wins, the profits are shared according to the terms of the poker staking contract between the parties.

I'm sure you've all heard about sites like Youstake & ChipMeUp. I personally love the idea of being able to stake a player & have a chance of making it into the money with the staked player. A friend of mine asked me & another friend if we would like to stake him recently. We went for it & he finished well up in the money & made us all a tidy little chunk of change. Winning the money was cool, but the excitement of watching the final table & seeing Peeps getting eliminated & our guaranteed winnings going up & up with every elimination had us on the edge of our seats. 

So here is my idea/ suggestion...

We have a button somewhere in the Poker lobby that says Unistake. When you click on it, a window opens showing all the poker players(horses) on Unibet who are offering a cut of their profits. On the Unistake page, you will be able to see which players have offers available & at what percentages they are offering them at. You could then, with one click accept an offer from a player & the money will go off your Unibet account & into the staked players account, into a sort of holding account until the player has played the tourney & then if you won, the winnings are returned to your account.

I know that this idea will probably take a lot of development, but I think it would be a really cool feature on Unibet, that other sites don't have yet, @Leo-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @Ray-Unibet do you think something like this would even be possible?

Tells us what you think community & if you would use something like Unistake to offer stakes & stake players if it was available.

Any suggestion or other ideas concerning the Unistake idea are welcome, so jump in & give us your thoughts about Unistake.


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@Nestabear , this idea has already been debated in the past. You can read more about it here .

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Thanx Boss

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Hello @Nestabear  
It's a great idea, it would be a supercool feature that would stand out in the market.
A few hurdles immediately pops up in my head, development, legal aspects, popularity-worth-doing-wise.
Probably @Stubbe-Unibet could have a look into this idea?

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@Leo-Unibet: if you really think so please consider using the parttimepokerdotcom method or something very similar. They closed the backing station but when it was open worked fine.

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Thanx @Leo-Unibet... since my win, I'm all about staking  Rofl ... so if anyone is looking @ selling some shares PM me yeah