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Avatar randomiser

So I know there is an updated version coming of the poker client and one little thing I would like to have is an avatar randomiser button when you want to create a new alias. I often create new ones and depending on how I feel (lol) I like to just have a random avatar instead of looking through all the avatars BUT that doesn't mean I like the one that is offered when I go to my profile and click on the + to make another alias. What you have to do now is close the window at the little x in the corner and then click on your current alias and then the + button again to get back to the same screen. Easier would be to just have a randomiser button next to the submit avatar button so I could randomly toggle between all the avatars. So I need to do 3 clicks to get back to the same screen instead of only 1 if there was a button. Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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Status changed to: Delivered
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Excellent, missed the reply on Monday, quick delivery, guess it was already in the pipeline? Rofl 

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Yeah, it's in the HexaPro web client today and has been planned as part of the redesign for a while Smile