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Auto-refill money in Poker Client

Is there any that there could be added a function to choose so that he balance on the poker tables are automatically refilled up to the limit so that you don't need to do the extra steps and, the two button clicks which is needed. Or at least make it one click, a button, which is seen on the table. Would really appreciate this, it would make the life easier for those who multitable.

Rank 16

This update would be really nice! I really support my own Idea to 200%Smile But really, the function is semi-there but needs to be clicked twice. A radio button in the refill screen saying “Refill balance to max” would makehsppy faces—>Smile 

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It's been stated many times that auto-rebuy will not be added to the client. In some regions it's not even allowed and it makes it easier to find the casual players because they don't tend to to auto-topup.

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Declined

Hi @Silver1,

As @MoreTBC already mentioned, we want to protect the recreational player (most of them would not use that feature) from being exploited easily.

Also we wouldn't want to encourage players to reload automatically and potentially lose more faster. A healthy ecosystem is our priority.

So for now it is a no, I'm afraid Smile


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@Patric-Unibet & @MoreTBC respect! I like the protection and philosophy, truly understand the thoughtsSmile

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@Patric-Unibet@MoreTBC is there any way to make the reload button to be visible on in the poker clinet so that you dont need to do the two-step-clicking? One possible way would be to make it a configrable option in the settings so that the player can choose if the button shall be visible or not on the table.