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Add Unibetpoker twitch chat in an Iframe

When we all want to chat we tend to meet in the Unibet poker twitch chat, May be an idea to add that chat on here in an Iframe.

Currently there is no stream and at least 10 people chatting.

Rank 15

This is a great idea, the twitch chat is the place we go when we want to talk to other community members :)

Rank 8

Yes i am often in there its a great twitch channel i love it :.-)


Rank 17

Or when we want to talk to Revlo or hnl :o

New member
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Yes i am often in there its a great twitch channel i love :Hearts::Thumbsup::Thumbsup:

Community Manager
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Let's give it a try :)

where would you add it? 

Rank 21

Homepage is the only sensible choice. I think it should replace the 'Most likes' section as it's not very useful to be honest.

It offers maximum exposure to the stream and means quick questions can be answered by chat mods easily. Would also stop the constant 'Password?'' posts when freerolls are on as it'll be the first thing they see on the homepage.

Rank 21

Had to give this some thought first.

The homepage would be best in some ways but not the best place from the point of view of Unibet imo.

I think as its the Unibetpoker twitch chat channel, it should be in a pinned post in the poker section.

This way on that page there can be a disclaimer that its an external chat service and has no community moderators. Sure @Stubbe-Unibet will know what disclaimers need to be in place :) Its for this reason I think the homepage is not ideal for the iframe as it would be hard to add this extra info in a tidy manner.

Saying that I think a clickable button on the homepage similar to this saying "Unibetpoker twitch chat" and linking to the page with the iframe would be ideal.


Something along these lines with the correct text and a more approiate size :)