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500 betting freeroll ticket

Ladies and Gentlemen, mods and members, ducks and other animals! Let me tell you a story about the fabolous transformation of the 500 betting freeroll ticket. Our story started yesterday, when I read a topic about the rumour of the appearance of the betting freeroll. The World Cup was over and we got an information that the betting freerolls will return after that magical event. So I go to LC and asked the agent if the freeroll will appear on Monday or not. Agent M. stated the validity of the promotion but told me she is unsure if that will appear today or not.

I was brave enough placing a bet and received this wonderful ticket:


If you are a true promotion hunter you already know what is the problem with that ticket. The Half Time/Full Time promotion belonged to the World Cup matches and receiving that one after the end of the World Cup unlucked the mission impossible level of freerolling. The second problem was the expiration date of the ticket which was 24 hours only. Btw I gave a change to the ticket and checked if the betting freeroll will appear on Monday evening or not. The second option came true so I connected to LC on Tuesday again.

Agent E seemed be a helpful co-worker and she escalated my request, but:


That type of behaviour what I can't accept and I don't know why Unibet blame oneself allowing such an intolerant behaviour. Leaving alone customers without any word is a disgusting act.

So I went back and asked  agent S to redirect me to the previous agent.


15 minutes later agent K told me that agent E is busy but she escalated my request, so I don't need to worry, my almost expired ticket will be revived again. One hour later I got another notification:


It says I received another Half Time/Match Day ticket, but I found something different in the lobby:


Hoorraay, I got the betting freeroll ticket. But.. wait a minute. The ticket will expire in the next 24 hours and the next betting freeroll will start on Thursday. I contacted to LC again. What else could I do? I told the whole story to Agent A again and enjoyed the pleasures of the another security check. Life is beautiful.Later i checked my ticket again and realized my hard -fought ticket is available for the freeroll.


Lesson? Don't read topics.Laugh


Rank 17

If it wasn't this community,for sure Unibet would have lost loads of clients

Rank 24

You really should stop using that lc and save yourself lot of stress Laugh sure it might seem quicker way to get answers sometimes but how often it really is?

And i don't even know anymore if they work for just unibet or other kindreds too so that might explain some why they are so clueless sometimes.

Saying that cause i was in touch with igame and maria lcs couple days ago and agents had same name so i asked was her same person and she said yes. So i wouldn't wonder if they are same here too.

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I agree with Boby and also with Livertool. Without this community they couldn't keep so many users and yes, a life with less stress would be  more than welcome. Fortunately I don't have any account in other Kindred group related rooms so Unibet LC could enjoy all my love.

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Had the same issue,i had a lot of tickets that expired.

Meanwhile i have tickets on pstars that wil expire in 2023.

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Praise the community!! Smile

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Hello,have the same issue,somehow betting freeroll ticket expired in 1 day.

Today 10 euro bet  did not help.

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@Karmasuper: go to live chat and ask them to revive your ticket or tag @Kris-Unibet in this topic.

Unibet Poker Expert

Hi @Karmasuper

Added a ticket, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hi Kris-Unibet,ticket received,is there chance for extra prize pool in future weeks?